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How to report an accident

how to report an accident

It's common sense to call the police if you're involved in a serious road accident, but what should you do about minor collisions?. Reporting an accident to an insurance company doesn't have to be complicated. This FindLaw article provides helpful information on how to report an accident. When do you report an accident, when don't you, and what are the consequences? Below are some valuable guidelines to help you know what. how to report an accident Your questions about parking - answered Your burning questions about parking are finally answered. How to react to emergency vehicles on the road. Auto Insurance Canada Ontario Alberta New Brunswick Newfoundland Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Quebec Ride-share Home Insurance Homeowners Insurance Tenant Insurance Condo Insurance Motorcycle Insurance Life Insurance Commercial Insurance Travel Insurance Travel Insurance For Canadians Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance International Students Need Travel Insurance Snowbird Travel Insurance. I hit a car from behind causing minimal damage to her rear bumper. She sounds so suspicious. You can go to any body shop to get an estimate. Depending on whether or not you had any witnesses, perhaps they could be of assistance?


How to establish a car accident report? - info video by LALUX

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